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Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach Embroidery Training Video

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach Embroidery Training Video

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach Embroidery Training Video

  Your Exclusive Embroidery Club Membership Includes: Gold Plus Level Gold Level Silver Level
Unlimited access to over 150 on-line embroidery videos  available 24 hours and 7 days a week!
Insiders secrets from  31 years of experience they don't teach you in a classroom. 
Simple Step by Step Instructions on placement, hooping, finishing, and many application techniques!
Videos that show you how to work with impossible to hoop or difficult fabrics, saving you many long hours of testing!

Videos that teach you Special Techniques in a simple step by step form such as: creating appliqué, puff embroidery on caps, and how to make patches!

Step by Step instructions on how to repair those horrible mistakes!
Twice Monthly Group Coaching Call
This will be a Q & A type of format.  You can call in with your questions live and I will help you with the answers to your questions about your embroidery business.

All Types of Business Forms including Quoting Forms and Tools!

Embroidery Webinar Of The Month - Teaching you Business Techniques such as Marketing and Design Techniques.

All Webinars links will be posted in the members area for you to review the past webinar lessons on-line 24 hours and 7 days a week!

  All Future Webinar links will be posted in the members area for you to review the webinar lessons on-line 24 hours and 7 days a week!

  How To Price Embroidery - A complete program teaching you how to develop your own pricing structure to help you make a profit!

Embroidery Business Plan - A complete program teaching you how to create your business plan and plan out every part of your business!


  Embroidery Business Marketing System - A complete program teaching you how to set up your shopping cart and market your embroidery business online.


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12 Months
30 Days

12 Months
30 Days

30 Days
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As “The Embroidery Coach”, I was featured in December’s industry magazine “Stitches”…among the top 75  Most Influential People In The Apparel Decorating Industry!. I also write articles for “Stitches” magazine, and I was featured in “Stitches” again as a mentor for a new embroidery business getting off the ground.

I don’t mention these things to be boastful…I just want you to know who I am…and how I’ve come to be known as “The Embroidery Coach”.

Read What Some Of Our Exclusive Embroidery Training Members Are Saying!

“She Truly Cares About Your Success”

Joyce Jagger's advice is an important asset to any embroidery business.  Her vast familiarity with the genre and the business helped me become not just an embroidery machine operator, but an accomplished embroider and business owner.  She has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share and truly cares about your success. 

Bob Dandurand
Elite Skate and Embroidery
Warwick, RI 

“I Consider Myself Very Fortunate To Have The Opportunity To Learn From Her.  She Is Amazing!”

I have been a member of Joyce’s Embroidery Club for over 2 years.  Through Joyce’s private lessons, online videos, webinars and her blueprint for pricing embroidery, I have been able to gain confidence in running my own business.   I know that I can always get a knowledgeable, complete and accurate answer to any of my embroidery questions from Joyce!  Her knowledge and expertise is vast and she sincerely wants to see the embroiderers she works with succeed in their own businesses.  Joyce generously makes her experience in running a successful embroidery business available to us.  Whether it be the mechanics of producing embroidery or the logistics of marketing and running an embroidery business, you can always count on her to have a solution for any challenging situation.  I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her.  She is amazing!

Suzee Bailey
Golden Crossings Embroidery
Colchester, CT

“We Never Thought That We Would Get As Far As We Have So Fast!”

I have to tell everyone that in the short three years that my husband and I have been in this crazy embroidery business, we never thought that we would get as far as we have so fast. Joyce’s websites, webinars and personal guidance have been amazing!  I can’t say where we would be if it wasn’t for her. Her vast outstanding knowledge of this business is just what every good embroider needs to become great!

Thank you so very much!
Amanda & Howard Potter
A&P MasterImages
Utica, NY

“Thank You For Making Things Much Easier For Everyone To Grasp
How To Embroider Professionally!

I just wanted to send you a quick note on how much you have helped my embroidery business. When I started a few years ago I was looking for more training so I could get more fluent with my digitizing and hooping different items. I then found your site www.EmbroideryTipsand and was very impressed with all the how to videos and to learn that I could attend different online seminars on top of it all was just the icing on the cake in my book. Some of the seminars I attended were on small lettering, working with stock designs, Monograms and many more. Your latest seminars on building a website have been fantastic. Even though I already have a website in place I learned so much from your seminars that I am now making even more changes to my site and my blog is a great asset to my online presence.

My business would not be a growing business if I hadn't stumbled on your training website so Thank You for making things much easier for everyone to grasp how to embroider professionally!

Tina Kleppe, Owner
Dawson, ND

“Your Website, Tips, Webinars, And Videos Actually Prevented Me From
Throwing In The Towel!"


Your training is a God send.  I have been learning things by trial and error.  I should have joined your website 8 months ago.  What you have on your website is invaluable to the embroidery entrepreneur.  You don't know how instrumental you have been in moving our business forward.  Your website, tips, webinars, and videos actually prevented me from "throwing in the towel." Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jeanette B. Lee
Elite Embroidery
Columbus, OH

                     “It Is The Best Thing I Did For My Business!”

Joyce Jagger’s webinars are a must if you are in the embroidery business. She offers classes on Embroidery Techniques, How to Price Embroidery, Marketing your business, Creating a website and much more!

She shares her experience of 30 plus years with us and is always there to help.

Her website is filled with valuable information. I have had a Gold Club Membership and it has paid for itself over and over again, through tips and techniques, videos, webinars and more. It is the best thing I did for my business!

 Monique Richardson
a division of DESIGNS by Monique
Greenfield, MA

“She Has Given Me The Knowledge And Confidence In Myself To Run My Own Successful Embroidery Business!”

Joyce Jagger , The Embroidery Coach, is truly more than a coach. She is my Mentor. And why is that.... I started my Embroidery business six years ago, not knowing a thing about embroidery.  Joyce has always taken the time to answer all of my questions along the way.  If the answer is not on her Websites, or in her Webinars , it will be found with a personal one on one lesson.

She has taught me everything about embroidery , designing, owning and running my own business.

She has given me the knowledge and confidence in myself to run my own successful embroidery business

Tracy Trill
Johnson City, NY

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